Good Will Hunting

Good Will HuntingI recommended the film Good Will Hunting to Ollie and Parny because, following a discussion about The Martian and Interstellar, they both said that they weren’t keen on Matt Damon.

I can understand that he may get a bit dull if you think that he’s just action man Jason Bourne, but he is a lot more versatile than that. In Good Will Hunting he plays a disadvantaged young man from Boston, who has an incredible intelligence hidden beneath his smart alec, macho persona. Even more interesting is that Damon wrote the screenplay with co-star and school friend Ben Affleck. They won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, and it’s easy to see why.

After Ollie and Parny said they weren’t particularly interested in Matt Damon, I re-watched Good Will Hunting just to double check that it’s excellent. It is. An emotional coming of age film, it nails the themes of love, maturity and friendship.

Robin Williams is wonderful, and the throat lumpening depth of the famously improvised moments in the film are proof that you should never underestimate comedy actors as simply being funny people.

The only problem is Matt Damon’s hair. I don’t think that his delinquent genius character would have such floppy blonde hair. But if hair is the only problem in a movie, it must be pretty damn good.

Note: This recommendation could similarly be used to defend Mr Affleck, whose new role as Batman is earning him a bit of derision. He wrote Good Will Hunting. He knows what he’s doing guys.

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