I recommended the film ‘Frank’ to Parny. He said he has some spare time to watch it, but he’s probably forgotten so I am reminding him. Parny, watch Frank.

The film, which stars Michael Fassbeneder as the titular character, is based on the life of the the hero of Timpenny, Frank Sidebottom. This isn’t a biopic, it’s detached enough from the late Chris Sievey (the man behind / inside Sidebottom) that it doesn’t incur the controversy or disputes that standard biopics tend to. It respectfully takes the concept of Frank Sidebottom, removes the Sidebottom, and explores the character of the enigmatic genius musician ‘Frank’ who never removes his giant false head.

This came up in conversation with Parny because I was talking about a gig I had been to see earlier in the week. It was an open mic, there was an excellent singer and guitarist. Afterwards, she walked passed me with her drummer. Obviously, I wanted to compliment her performance. I did. She stood there, not saying a word, while her drummer thanked me. “See singer, you’ve got another fan.” She continued to say nothing. Then she left. Her enigmatic weirdness reminded me of Frank from Frank and of his keyboardist, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

As if it didn’t already have enough going for it, it’s written by the journalist Jon Ronson who based it on his own experience as the real life keyboardist for Frank Sidebottom.
A perfectly blended cocktail of cult comedy, brilliant journalism, and indie filmmaking.

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