Answer Me This!

Answer Me This!I recommend the podcast Answer Me This! to all those heathen podcast virgins out there. It’s highly addictive and a great / dangerous gateway podcast.

It’s easy to get into with a simple but effective premise – the hosts Helen & Olly, along with Martin the Soundman, answer questions that the listeners send in. The success of the show is really due to the personalities of the AMT team, who strike a balance between silliness and seriousness with their quick wits and excellent research skills. You can listen to any episode and by the end of that first 40 minutes, you’ll be hooked on the audio crack that is Answer Me This!. Then you’ll download all the available free episodes and binge listen to them. Then you’ll overdose and start singing the jingles in your sleep. You’ll know the number 02081235877 off by heart even though you can’t memorise your own mobile number. You’ll need a break for a bit then. Then you’ll have to adjust to only getting one new episode every two weeks. You’ll try and send them a question. Then you’ll realise that you got hundreds of hours of free entertainment from some people recording it for no money in a living room in Crystal Palace, and buy some of their albums on iTunes.

After this process, which could take between one week and several months, the truth will slowly dawn on you that you need to plug the gaps between AMT releases and that there are actually other podcasts out there. And thus, a whole new medium is opened to you. Welcome.

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