BoJack Horseman – Spiritual successor to Arthur

Bojack HorsemanI recommend the TV series BoJack Horseman to anyone who’s got Netflix – because that’s the only way you can watch it. I probably only recommend it because his big horsey face has been plastered all over the NME for the last couple of weeks and I’m a sucker for advertising.

It’s an animated show about a washed up horse actor who is now a rich alcoholic living in the hills of LA. The premise could work if shot in live action – if all the characters were human– but by Arthur the Aardvarking it, the show can have darker themes hidden beneath the sillier (in a good way, being silly is a good thing) aspects of animation. The show has more in common with Arthur than it does with Family Guy or The Simpsons. It’s not cartoonish in style and doesn’t have the bombast that Homer and Peter tend towards.

In fact, I think I may have stumbled upon something really quite interesting here.

BoJack is the spiritual successor to Arthur.

BoJack touches on issues of depression and self-loathing.

Arthur dealt with tough topics like Aspergers, asthma, dyslexia, and cancer.

Bojack’s theme tune was written by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys.

Arthur’s theme tune is by Ziggy Marley.

Bojack has some surprising cameo appearances. I particularly enjoyed Ira Glass as
Diane’s ringtone, but the more notable guests include Daniel Radcliffe and Sir Paul McCartney.

Arthur has featured Art Garfunkel, Matt Damon, Lance Armstrong, Joan Rivers, Neil Gaiman, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Which all went way over my head when I was watching it after school.

Bojack and Arthur both live in worlds populated by anthropomorphic animals. Bojack was in a popular 90s sitcom about a horse. Arthur was first aired in 1996.

But it’s probably just a tenuous link I made so that I could waste more time drawing Arthur as well.

The drawing’s a bit weird, isn’t it? What with them already being cartoon characters. I may have to start referring to myself as ‘matt – bojack / arthur artist.’

I think I really had to recommend Bojack Horseman because I identify with Todd too much. Todd, played by Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame, is an unemployed loser living in Bojack’s house. He’s the most innocent and loveable character. I spent all day yesterday being an unemployed loser watching Todd be an unemployed loser, so if I write about it I can say that I was busy doing research yesterday. Good.Arthur and Bojack.

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