The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam BuxtonI recommend The Adam Buxton Podcast. It’s a free form show that mainly revolves around interviews (or chat-rambles as he calls them) with interesting people. There is also an episode in which Adam documents the progression of a cold he has. He seems so familiar from his other work that, although it feels odd to refer to him by his first name, it would feel far odder to call him ‘Buxton.’ The most natural feeling name to type is ‘Dr Buckles’ – the origin of which I am unaware of.

Fans of his previous work will be thrilled to hear Dr Buckles let loose in the land of audio once more. There are familiar voices such as director Garth Jennings and Adam’s school friend Louis Theroux, and other familiar voices, such as Adam’s Bowie impression. This isn’t just a rehash or reunion though; there are exciting new adventures to be had as Count Buckules (another pseudonym) interviews musicians such as Lianne La Havas and Scroobius Pip. It isn’t done in the same manner as most interview shows either, the Louis Theroux and Garth Jennings episodes use a variety of different interviews that Buckles has been collecting for the last year or so. This gives it a different dynamic and captures different moods of both the interviewer and interviewee.

There is also a return of Dr Buckles MD’s homespun vernacular as he refers to ‘the pronce’ (the artist formerly known as Prince) and ‘the castle’ (short for Big British Castle AKA the BBC.) There’s something about this familiar silliness that feels like a family in-joke that brings you all together. You still chuckle with recognition when he says these things because you know that they’ve transcended jokery and are just part of the way he speaks.

Dr Buckles’ incredible composition skills feature heavily in the podcast. These aren’t convoluted or moronic songs. Neither are they the half-rate-jokes-with-an-acoustic-guitar style of a lot of modern musical comedy. They are brilliant brain farts. Stabs of charming weirdness. My favourite is the ‘no’ song, which goes: ‘no! No no no no no no no no!’

Laughter is the best medicine, and Dr Buckles knows how to administer it.

4 thoughts on “The Adam Buxton Podcast

  1. Nick January 15, 2016 / 5:14 pm

    I came here looking for the origin of the sample of the “no no no no no” song… might it have been voiced by Buckles himself? However… I CAN tell you the origin of the name Dr Buckles! (IIRC) when his kids were younger, and they injured themselves, got a splinter or whatever, he’d tell them to wait while he went an fetched “Dr Buckles”. He’d then leave the room, and enter a minute later with a white coat and one of those old fashioned head-lamps doctors used to wear in the 70’s, and say “Hi! I’m Dr Buckles”. The kids would be both amused, bemused & sceptical and call him dad, but he’d not break character, and insist “I’m not your dad, I’m Dr Buckles”. It made injuries almost fun, and certainly distract them from their distraughtness. He told this anecdote on air once, and Cornballs started referring to him as Dr Buckles from then on.

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    • mattjwatts January 15, 2016 / 5:22 pm

      Hi Nick, thanks for the info! I think I have a vague recollection of that story, but it must have been many thousands of hours of podcast-listening ago. I agree with your theory on the ‘no’ song, sounds like Dr Buckles mucking around in his sound booth to me


      • mattjwatts July 13, 2016 / 5:42 pm

        Amazing! Never knew that!


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