99% Invisible

99% InvisibleI recommend the podcast 99% Invisible to Jennifer. She is an industrial design student and a person who has a brain – these are the two demographics that I imagine 99% Invisible appeals to.

It’s a podcast about all aspects of design – from iconic architecture to the ergonomics of the toothbrush. It’s bite-size yet very informative. It’s like those rare moments when you click on a link someone has shared on Facebook and read something that’s actually surprisingly interesting and you go around telling people ‘I read something very interesting the other day…’ It finds wonder and intrigue in the seemingly mundane, and makes you look for it too.

I know it’s rare for me to bang on about podcasts and why they’re so great, but 99% Invisible is a prime example of how the combination of freedom and quality makes the podcast such a fantastic medium. The episodes range in length, but each takes just the right amount of time to tell the story of its subject. It’s not stretched out or crammed in, because there’s no station controller to please, no schedule to adhere to, no interference to balls it all up.

And once you’ve finished the hours of free content that presenter and producer Roman Mars is offering you for diddly-squat, you can discover the other shows in the Radiotopia podcast collective.


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