A Life Well Wasted

A Life Well WastedI recommend the podcast A Life Well Wasted to Rob. The show documents the culture surrounding gaming and the fascinating stories of the people who both make and play them. It treats videogames as the unique and idiosyncratic art form that they are.

A Life Well Wasted is a case of quality over quantity. There may only be an episode every year or two, but each one is a beautifully crafted tale. It feels like someone’s given Super Mario the David Attenborough treatment. During each hiatus of the podcast, host Robert Ashley is lying on his stomach in the Amazon rainforest for weeks on end, attempting to observe the mysterious mating ritual of the SNES.
While many documentaries have covered the addictive qualities of videogames and their apparently detrimental effects, A Life Well Wasted is unique in capturing the emotional connection fans have with them. This is particularly clear in episode 2, the story of the death of The Sims Online is surprisingly touching. While most pro-game media seems to take the form of inane Let’s Plays and ADHD Youtube videos, A Life Well Wasted is as enjoyably ponderous as Robert Ashley’s The Dude-esque delivery.
The music is also superb. It comes as no surprise that Robert Ashley is primarily a musician. I haven’t heard a radio show’s score that feels so in tune with its content since The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and that is possibly the highest compliment I have ever dished out.



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