The Modern Mann

The Modern MannI recommend The Modern Mann, a new podcast from Olly Mann of Answer Me This! fame.

I’ve never really read a men’s magazine, but this podcast is supposedly an audio equivalent. If someone told me that I would like the audio equivalent of a men’s magazine, I think I would have been a little sceptical. Publications like FHM, Loaded, Nuts, etc. just appear to be bumper editions of The Sun’s Page 3, and Men’s Health looks to be crammed with the latent homoeroticism of sweaty men’s changing rooms.

The Modern Mann easily sidesteps these ladisms by A) being an audio podcast, making it difficult to be a boob-fest, and B) being presented by Olly Mann, who prefers musicals to football. The result is an enjoyable magazine show with diverse and interesting interviews with people such as Conor McGloin, who was a teenage rockstar and is now an economics teacher. It’s nice that, so far, all the interviews are with people I had never heard of before. As much as I like the interconnectedness of the British podcast scene, it’s refreshing that The Modern Mann hasn’t started by calling in favours from regulars of the podcasting scene.

The regular features are also light and enjoyable with Ollie Peart providing a look at the week’s trends in ‘The Zeitgeist’, and Alix Fox being simultaneously saucy and informative in her role as resident sex reporter. Mann ties the show together well with his acerbic presenting style preventing it entering the nauseating blandness that some magazine shows are guilty of.


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