Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame a PaintingI recommend the Youtube channel Every Frame a Painting to anyone who has a genuine interest in the art of filmmaking. Whether you’re just someone who likes DVD special features, you’re an aspiring director, or anything inbetween, there’s an awful lot to learn from Tony Zhou’s series of video essays. They have the power to simultaneously make me wish I’d taken Film Studies at uni, and make me feel like there is no need to have taken film studies at uni.

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Jon Ronson

Jon RonsonJon Ronson is a journalist, writer and filmmaker. His earlier work focused more on the edge of society – extremists like the Ku Klux Klan, and conspiracy theorists and their subjects such as James P. Tucker and the Bilderberg group. His more recent work is about the weirdness hiding in plain sight, unnoticed and unexamined elements of modern life – the psychopathic traits evident in our society, and the mob mentality of the internet. It’s fascinating to read earlier books like Them: Adventures with Extremists where Ronson tells the stories of the distant nutters who we apparently share a planet with. It’s a different, scarier, even more engaging experience to read his later work when you realise that you’re a part of the weirdness.

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The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam BuxtonI recommend The Adam Buxton Podcast. It’s a free form show that mainly revolves around interviews (or chat-rambles as he calls them) with interesting people. There is also an episode in which Adam documents the progression of a cold he has. He seems so familiar from his other work that, although it feels odd to refer to him by his first name, it would feel far odder to call him ‘Buxton.’ The most natural feeling name to type is ‘Dr Buckles’ – the origin of which I am unaware of.

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The Oeuvre of Scroobius Pip

Scroobius PipI recommend Scroobius Pip to Heddwen. Well, I recommend Scroobius Pip’s oeuvre to Heddwen. I’ve only met him very briefly (having queued to do so) and there’s not much point recommending him as a person because I don’t think Heddwen and Pip will ever bump into each other at a party. I would be very jealous if proven wrong.

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BoJack Horseman – Spiritual successor to Arthur

Bojack HorsemanI recommend the TV series BoJack Horseman to anyone who’s got Netflix – because that’s the only way you can watch it. I probably only recommend it because his big horsey face has been plastered all over the NME for the last couple of weeks and I’m a sucker for advertising.

It’s an animated show about a washed up horse actor who is now a rich alcoholic living in the hills of LA. The premise could work if shot in live action – if all the characters were human– but by Arthur the Aardvarking it, the show can have darker themes hidden beneath the sillier (in a good way, being silly is a good thing) aspects of animation. The show has more in common with Arthur than it does with Family Guy or The Simpsons. It’s not cartoonish in style and doesn’t have the bombast that Homer and Peter tend towards.

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No, Totally!

No, TotallyI recommend the podcast No, Totally! to people who like this blog, because No, Totally! were kind enough to say they like it, which means you already have something in common with them.

No, Totally! is a film podcast. It’s not a straight review show and they’re not audio essayists, it’s a more casual discussion-based style that they keep fresh with interviews and guests. This means that presenters Brian and Shaun aren’t bound to reviewing new releases, which is good as new reviews tend to give away inadvertent spoilers. If a film is going to be bad, I still quite enjoy finding that out for myself. I often break my own rule by watching Mark Kermode’s reviews.

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Half-Life Paintings

Sub CompilationI recommend the Half-Life subreddit to anyone who likes MS Paint drawings. After I posted my recommendation of Half-Life 2 under the caption ‘Fan-art’, there was a sudden proliferation of similar paint drawings of characters from the games.

This baffled and amused me, and I have compiled them in the pictures accompanying this post. Not everyone was so keen though. Some people who like Half-Life don’t really like MS Paint drawings, which is understandable. There was a brief comparison to a man called Jon Tron, who I don’t think I recommend. He is primarily a youtuber, and I am always wary of them. I only really like Owen Jones, Every Frame a Painting, and Luke Smith.

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