Text-Based Radio Show

Text Based Radio ShowIt’s all well and good recommending things to people, but most of the time they won’t take any notice. I don’t take much notice of recommendations given to me, not because I’m an aloof culture snob, but because I just don’t remember them. Even if I am actually given something to watch / listen to / read, it can take a while for me to get round to it. This week I finally got around to watching the copy of Doctor Zhivago that Grandma leant to me a month or two ago. Even though I just had to put it in the DVD player, sit down, and watch, it felt like it took a concerted effort to do so. When it comes to recommendations, there’s nothing quite as effective as being able to tell someone how good a song is and then hit play and make them listen to it. What I’m trying to say is: I miss presenting a radio show.

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Empire Earth

Empire EarthI think you would like Empire Earth. It’s a computer game that was released in 2001, when I was 7 years old. Empire Earth is a real-time history-based strategy game. Or in normal words: it’s a game where you’re a military dictator. You can tell your citizens to mine, farm, etc. and you can use the resources they gather to build things, fighty things, because there are other military dictators who do not like you. I spent far too long playing Empire Earth yesterday. So long that I have a sneaking suspicion that the hours played may well be in double figures, a thought which scares, upsets, and intrigues me.

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Die Hard

Die HardI think you would like the film Die Hard.

There is a list of films that I have not seen that I really should have. It’s mainly curated by my Dad, who is incredulous at the gaps in my movie knowledge and works to plug them. Somehow, up until five days ago, I had not seen the iconic action film Die Hard. Five days ago I had not seen any films in the Die Hard series. I have now seen all five, having been bought the Die Hard Legacy Collection for my birthday.

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