CommunityHeddwen recommended that I watch Community. Heddwen is the crack dealer of sitcoms.

If you like the crippling addiction of heroin but lack the funds or contacts, Community is for you.

It’s set in a community college, which is essentially an American version of what British snobs think that ex-polytechnics are like, and centres around a study group made up of many different flavours of misfit.

It’s funny, meta, inventive, surreal, silly, heart-warming, and funny. The pop culture obsessed duo Troy and Abed regularly indulge in fantastical escapades in which they insist on ‘committing to the bit’. Community always commits to the bit, whether it be an entirely clay animated episode, or one when they’re all sock puppets attempting to deal with their childhood trauma, or a parallel timeline story arc.

It manages to be high concept with sci-fi plot twists and intricate story arcs, yet is still completely accessible. You can watch it over the top of your laptop when you’re meant to be writing about Community or watch it with your full attention and still understand and enjoy it, just in different ways.

The last month’s messages to Heddwen document my mental decline at the hands of this wonderful wonderful sitcom.

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And I’m pretty sure that Ben Folds has just turned up, so I gotta go. Bye.


Recommendations in brief:

The new Say Why to Drugs podcast on the Distraction Pieces Network is informative, unbiased, and interesting. So far they’ve covered tobacco and cannabis.

I saw the film Dead Man’s Shoes this week. Damn, that was brilliant. Dark, but brilliant.

Seeing Kasabian live in Leicester is pretty good. You should try it if you ever get the chance.

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