Recommendations in Brief 26/06/16

Recommendations 26 06 16 1

From now on, the Recommendations in Brief sections are going to be their own posts because I have decided that they will be. This website is a dictatorship, ruled with a crudely drawn, lopsided fist.

Here are your recommendations:

The Jack White episode of WTF with Marc Maron. I didn’t really know that much about Jack White before this, but now I want to go to his record store. Anyone want to take me?

The Radiohead documentary ‘Meeting People Is Easy’ was an intense experience. Somehow they managed to apply their musical style to film, with dystopian cityscapes, moody colours, and looping reversed images blended with footage of the band’s tour to create a collage of draining success.

Adam Buxton’s podcast continues to be superb. His chat with Jonny Greenwood was a particularly good episode.

There have been some cracking recent episodes of 99% Invisible. ‘214 – Loud and Clear’ it turns out that it’s not just hipsters who are in to obsolete music technology. The American prison system still consumes cassette tapes in massive quantities, and this episode explains why. ‘130 – Holdout’ conjured my favourite podcast brain image, possibly of all time. A little old lady said no to the developers who wanted to turn her house into part of their mall, and as she held out, her house was surrounded by shopping centre on three sides. Listen to it, and you’ll see what I mean.

And if you haven’t got enough hours of podcast recommendations to listen to, Episode 100 of The Distraction Pieces Podcast with Dan Le Sac was a good’un.


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