Recommendations in Brief 31/07/16

Recommendations In Brief 31 07 16This week’s recommendations feature a tiny Jack White wearing an Aphex Twin t-shirt. Everyone should own one. They’re excellent company.






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Pokémon Go

Pokemon GoIt has taken about 24 hours for me to entirely change my opinion on Pokémon Go. I initially resisted the temptation to download it, telling myself that I was above the ‘cleverly designed but ultimately pointless reward system that Pokémon is based on’ because I am a dickhead. A dickhead who is determined to not have any fun ever.

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Orphan Black

Orphan BlackI think you would like the sci-fi TV drama Orphan Black. It’s made by BBC America in Canada and was originally aired on BBC Three in the UK, distribution has since been taken over by Netflix, where the fourth series has just concluded. I only realised after 8 episodes had already been released, so had the luxury of binging on the majority of the fourth series in a matter of days. Can Netflix do no wrong? (Apart from the Adam Sandler thing, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen.)

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