Recommendations in Brief 31/07/16

Recommendations In Brief 31 07 16This week’s recommendations feature a tiny Jack White wearing an Aphex Twin t-shirt. Everyone should own one. They’re excellent company.






The song I can’t get out of my head this week: Take, Take, Take – The White Stripes

Lyrically, it seems like it’s about celebrity and the public perception of it, which isn’t a particularly inspiring subject. But it puts it in the world of Jack White’s Victorian-Western reality, giving it a sense of humour and a rolling bluesy momentum. It’s catchy as fuck.

I don’t have to the vocabulary to describe Aphex Twin’s music, but I can describe his approach to making his new music video: it is very cool. Richard D James (the man behind Aphex Twin) does things that you hope you’d be cool enough to do if you were famous. This time, he’s got a 12 year old fan to make the video for CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ] from his newly released Cheetah EP. He saw the young fan’s homemade Aphex Twin videos on Youtube and told him to just do his thing.

The child’s mother tweeted a photo of them record shopping together.

The recent episode of  the Comedian’s Comedian Podcast with Russell Howard was absolutely cracking.  I had sort of forgotten what a great comedian he is. He was the first comedian I ever saw live, but since then I’ve pretty much stopped watching any television stand-up, have found new favourites, and just generally moved on. The insights into his process and his relentless work ethic are fascinating, as is his optimistic approach to comedy. He has a desire to make people happy, which you could cynically cast aside as fake, artistically dull, or idealistic, but if you take him at face value you remember what a joy he is to watch.

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