Hello, I’m Matt Watts.

I spend a lot of time recommending stuff to my friends.

I say a lot of sentences that begin with:

“I heard this really cool thing today…”

“Have you seen _____ because it’s very good.”

“I think you would like…”

Video-games, films, books, CDs, books, TV shows, all sorts. Now I’m sharing those recommendations with everyone else.

Recommendations are constantly flung at people by algorithms on shopping websites. I think that recommendations made using Microsoft Paint are a lot better. Well, I hope they are. I’ve never received one, so I couldn’t say.

I also like writing about the stuff I like, but I don’t like criticising things, which is quite a necessary thing if you’re going to be a critic. Clue’s in the name. So if I just write recommendations I don’t have to slag anything off. Phew.

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