Born Standing Up

Born Standing UpI think you would like Born Standing Up by Steve Martin.

It has a reputation for being the definitive stand-up comedy memoir, which is the only reason I felt compelled to buy it. To my shame, I have never seen Steve Martin’s stand-up act, and my only experience of his work is the film Cheaper by the Dozen. Yet, despite my ignorance, I found Born Standing Up insightful, entertaining, and beautifully crafted. It is far from being just another celebrity autobiography.

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My Dad Wrote a Porno

My Dad Wrote A PornoI recommend the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno to anyone with a good set of headphones and the ability to keep a vaguely straight face in public.

With the endless TV programs, radio shows and podcasts now in existence, it seems like every single possible format idea must have been tried at some point. Podcasts tend to follow the journalistic storytelling style of This American Life and 99% Invisible, or some kind of chatty interview format. That’s fine, because it results in excellent shows like Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, Distraction Pieces, and The Adam Buxton Podcast, but it makes it even more exciting when a truly unprecedented show appears.

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