Text-Based Radio Show

Text Based Radio ShowIt’s all well and good recommending things to people, but most of the time they won’t take any notice. I don’t take much notice of recommendations given to me, not because I’m an aloof culture snob, but because I just don’t remember them. Even if I am actually given something to watch / listen to / read, it can take a while for me to get round to it. This week I finally got around to watching the copy of Doctor Zhivago that Grandma leant to me a month or two ago. Even though I just had to put it in the DVD player, sit down, and watch, it felt like it took a concerted effort to do so. When it comes to recommendations, there’s nothing quite as effective as being able to tell someone how good a song is and then hit play and make them listen to it. What I’m trying to say is: I miss presenting a radio show.

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