A Fortnight Of Culture: Part Two

Chris 2.pngThis is the second half of my Fortnight of Culture. I have been putting together a schedule of music, film, television, literature and more, for my friend Chris who has two blissfully free weeks in need of filling. “How odd,” you might say, “to post this, the second half of your Fortinght of Culture, on a Tuesday rather than on a Monday, which is, after all, the start of the week.” Have you ever attempted to curate an entire Fortnight of Culture for a man who’s only ever seen the film Cool Runnings? I thought not. You ingrate.

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A Fortnight Of Culture: Part One

Chris.pngDue to exceptional planning, my friend Chris (pictured) has got two weeks between leaving his current job and starting his new one. As he has only ever seen one film ever (Cool Runnings) I have been tasked (by my own arrogance) with creating a schedule of stuff to fill his fortnight. This is Part One.

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I Always Knew You Would Like Spaced

SpacedI recommend the sitcom Spaced, and it’s not the first time I’ve recommended it. When deciding to draw a silly picture and write some silly words about Spaced, I remembered that I wrote about it on of my many ill-fated old blogs. So I found it. That blog, which was active for a few months about five years ago, has now had many thousands of views.

How the hell did that happen?

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