No, Totally!

No, TotallyI recommend the podcast No, Totally! to people who like this blog, because No, Totally! were kind enough to say they like it, which means you already have something in common with them.

No, Totally! is a film podcast. It’s not a straight review show and they’re not audio essayists, it’s a more casual discussion-based style that they keep fresh with interviews and guests. This means that presenters Brian and Shaun aren’t bound to reviewing new releases, which is good as new reviews tend to give away inadvertent spoilers. If a film is going to be bad, I still quite enjoy finding that out for myself. I often break my own rule by watching Mark Kermode’s reviews.

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PodcastsI have recommended podcasts to pretty much everyone I know.

Podcasts are brilliant. I’m so obsessed with podcasts, that I’m attempting to listen to one at the same time as writing this. It’s not doing wonders for my concentration.

Everyone likes Youtube, right? Youtube is great. You can watch all sorts of videos from all sorts of people about all sorts of things. You can watch proffessionally made content, stuff that’s previously been on TV, old films etc. There’s also a culture of Youtubers – it’s such an accessible medium that anyone can upload something they made, and some of these amatuers are bloody popular. They’re getting more views than mainstream broadcast television shows.

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