Born Standing Up

Born Standing UpI think you would like Born Standing Up by Steve Martin.

It has a reputation for being the definitive stand-up comedy memoir, which is the only reason I felt compelled to buy it. To my shame, I have never seen Steve Martin’s stand-up act, and my only experience of his work is the film Cheaper by the Dozen. Yet, despite my ignorance, I found Born Standing Up insightful, entertaining, and beautifully crafted. It is far from being just another celebrity autobiography.

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How I Escaped My Certain Fate

How I Escaoed My Certain FateI recommend the book How I Escaped My Certain Fate by Stewart Lee to anyone interested in the mechanics of stand-up comedy. I wouldn’t recommend it to the lecturers who taught the drama side of my degree. They have all as good as read How I Escaped My Certain Fate already because I crow-barred it into pretty much every essay I wrote. One lecturer handed back an essay which was meant to be specifically about writing stage plays with the words “it’s not really about theatre, is it?” it was called ‘An Analysis of The Use of Silence in the Stand-Up Comedy of Stewart Lee.’ I also cited Simon and Garfunkel as eminent theorists on the nature of silence.

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